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Recreating Turkish Design Trends in Your Home

For many years, interior designers in Turkey looked to the West for inspiration. They created sleek, modern spaces without a hint of Ottoman influence. Now, prominent designers like Zeynep Fadillioglu are rejecting that ultramodern style and returning to the country’s roots.

Fadillioglu creates glamourous spaces with plenty of Turkish flair. She uses antique fabrics and traditional Turkish furniture like daybeds and low coffee tables to give her designs a historic feel. She balances out these older design elements with new, modern furniture and metal accessories. Most of Fadillioglu’s projects end up looking quite updated and contemporary, but some lean traditional. She’s known for mixing old and new pieces and has a style all her own. Because her work is so popular, other designers are following her lead.

This emerging design trend is one we can get behind. We love combining old and new furniture and accessories to create unique spaces. That’s why we stock both modern Turkish furniture and vintage kilim rugs in our store.

If you want to experiment with this trend and add a little Turkish charm to your home, here are some tips to get you started!

Mix Modern and Turkish Inspired Furniture

Authenturkish Room | Turkish | Design

One of the best ways to emulate Fadillioglu’s style is to mix modern and traditional furnishings. You don’t have to go overboard, though—one or two vintage pieces is enough to make an impact. Try adding a patterned kilim ottoman or a vintage brass tea table to an otherwise modern room to spice it up.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find traditional Turkish furniture in America. If you can’t get your hands on any antiques, try to find pieces inspired by them. Anthropologie sells an embossed silver dresser with intricate floral designs that looks similar to a sandik, a type of traditional chest. They also sell armchairs with patterns inspired by antique rugs. West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Urban Outfitters are other stores that often stock Turkish inspired furniture.  

To balance out your ornate, traditional pieces, add some modern furnishings with clean lines. We love how the streamlined leather couch in the photo above contrasts with the rustic door, hand carved coffee table and ottomans.

Add Kilim Rugs and Pillows

Authenturkish Kilim Rug | traditional

Accessories are a great way to experiment with new design trends without spending a lot of money on redecorating. Kilim rugs and pillows are some of our favorite Turkish accessories—they’ll add a lot of personality to your home without breaking the bank.

If you aren’t familiar with kilim rugs, they’re pileless, flatweave rugs that have been produced since ancient times. Historically, they’ve been used for both prayer and decoration. The weaving technique used to make kilims lends itself well to diagonal, geometric designs, so you’ll see a lot of kilim rugs with bold patterns. Their patterns blend nicely with modern furniture, which is why we think they’d look great in your home.

Authenturkish Kilim Rug | Kilim | Authentic

Handmade Vintage Kilim Rug and Pillows from Our Store

When you’re picking out your rugs and pillows, don’t be afraid to play around and mix different patterns. As long as the kilims you choose have a similar color palette, they won’t clash. The kilim rug and pillows in the photo above work well together because they all have red, green, and beige tones.   

Incorporate Metal Accents

Authenturkish Metal | Light | Chandelier

Metal accents can add a modern or traditional touch to your room. You can purchase modern metal pendant lights like the one shown above to balance out the traditional pieces in your home. Or, you might choose to add extra warmth to your space by purchasing some Turkish copper accessories like tea or coffee sets, decorative platters, and lanterns.

Authenturkish | Lantern

Whether you choose to go traditional or modern, metal accents will elevate your design and add that touch of elegance that it’s missing.

Add Pottery and Mosaic Lamps

Ceramic vases and tiles are our favorite way to add some character to modern kitchens and dining rooms. The Anatolia region of Turkey is known for its pottery and tiles, which are called Iznik ceramics.

Iznik tiles and pottery were most popular during the Ottoman Empire. These ceramics have a pure white base that makes their stunning hand painted designs stand out. The bright coral, cobalt blue, turquoise, and green paints give them a Mediterranean style. They’re a vibrant, cheerful addition to any kitchen.

Iznik ceramics are still being produced in Anatolia, but they’re very hard to make, so they’re expensive. Luckily, cheaper reproductions are available on the Internet. You can also find affordable peel and stick decals inspired by Iznik tiles. We love to buy a bunch of ceramic tiles with different patterns and use them to make a big frame for a mirror. It makes a beautiful statement piece!

Authenturkish | Home Decor | Accessories

The last accessory we want to tell you about is mosaic lamps. Istanbul is known for glassmaking, and the Grand Bazaar is filled with vendors selling these whimsical lamps. If you can track one down, they make beautiful pendant lights, table lamps or sconces. They’ll add a fun, boho-chic vibe to any room you put them in.  


We hope that you learned a thing or two about Turkish design from this post and are feeling inspired to redecorate! If you implement any of these design ideas, take a picture and tag us on social media (#authenturkish) so that we can drool over your gorgeous house!

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