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Pillowcase Trends for 2019

Minimalism has been the dominant design trend for the past decade. People have been decorating their homes with clean lines and soft, neutral colors like grey and white to keep up with this trend. In 2019, though, that’s expected to change.

Although neutral color palettes create a clean, modern look, people are realizing that rooms without any pops of color can look sterile and boring. To liven up their minimalistic spaces, people are starting to experiment with much bolder colors. This new trend is showing up a lot in pillowcase design—more and more retailers are adding bright, patterned pillows to their product lines.

We love that people are embracing color and decorating their homes with bolder pillows and accessories. If you want to join in on this trend, then read on to find out which pillowcase types you should purchase.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Pillowcase Trend


Brightly colored, patterned pillows have become popular this year because they add a lot of visual interest to otherwise plain living rooms. Geometric patterns in particular are on the rise because they look contemporary and modern. Some patterns such as stripes and paisley can come across as quite traditional, but geometric patterns always look current because of their sharp lines.


We love geometric pillows with punchy, contrasting colors like the one in the photo above. A pillow like that will make a big impact in your living room without costing you a lot of cash.

Globally Inspired Designs


Ethnic Pillowcase | Authenturkish


We’re happy to report that globally inspired pillows are making a comeback! As people are branching out from their minimalist design aesthetic, they’re turning to tribal, boho, and globally inspired pillows to add pops of color to their living spaces.


We think that the pillowcase in the photo above exemplifies this trend. It has a tribal vibe, but it still looks updated and modern because of its bright, fun colors. We think it looks great on that white chair, so try putting colorful, tribal print pillows on neutral couches and chairs to create some nice contrast. 


Vintage Pillows

Kilim Pillow | Pillowcase

According to interior designers, vintage items are gaining popularity. Many people are interested in sustainability, so they’re buying secondhand and vintage pieces whenever they can to reduce their environmental impact.


We love the Turkish kilim pillow in the photo above. It’s made from a vintage Turkish kilim rug that was handwoven. The colors in this pillow are vibrant but still earthy, giving it a boho vibe that we can’t resist. We think that it would really elevate a brown or beige couch.


Not all vintage pieces are traditional, so if your home leans modern, you’ll still be able to find a piece that meets your needs. Just look at this overdyed Turkish throw pillowit would fit right into any contemporary space.


Vintage pillows and accessories add a lot of charm to your home and are better for the environment than new decor, so make sure you incorporate a few vintage pieces into your designs!


Graphic Prints

Print Pillow | Pillowcase | Cat


Graphic prints, especially ones that have some personal significance, are currently in style. If you love dogs or cats, for example, you could buy some pillows that feature your favorite breed to try out this trend.


Graphic prints don’t have to be colorful to make an impact. The cat pillow above is quite striking even though it’s black and white. If you’re color shy and would rather stick to a neutral palette, graphic pillows like this one can still add lots of personality to your living space. They’re also a great conversation starter that can give people who visit your home a better idea of who you are.


Green and Black

Palm Tree | Pillow | Pillowcase | Authenturkish | Blog



Emerald green and black are both trending colors this year. Some people are fully committing to these trends by painting their walls black and buying green velvet chairs, but we suggest going with a more toned down approach like buying some throw pillows.

Nature Pillowcase | Green Pillow | Leaves | Home Decor Blog


We love the green and black pillows in the photos above because they have leafy patterns on them. Floral patterns like these are popular right now, and we can see why. They’re fun and playful, and they help bring the outdoors in. We really could’ve used a couple of these pillows during the winter to lift our spirits!




Adding some bright, patterned pillows to your couches and chairs is a great way to experiment with color. If you don’t end up liking the way they look, you can easily replace them with a more neutral pillowcase design. It’s much harder to reupholster a couch or paint a wall than it is to swap out some throw pillows. So if you’re a bit afraid of color, start small by adding one of the vibrant pillows we mentioned in this post, like a Turkish kilim pillow or a graphic print pillow, to your living room. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference one or two pillows can make!

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